1/1 石川県輪島市にいる予定でした I had planned to be in Wajima, Ishikawa

I had planned to go to Wajima city to see the very first sunrise of the year , Ishikawa and set off my place Gifu on the 31th of Dec, at around 2PM. It is 315km , more than 4.5 hours on express ways. I had never been there before.

12/31の午後2時頃、住んでいる岐阜を出て、地図で見て良いなと思った石川県輪島市で初日の出を見ようと出発しました。315km, 高速で4.5 時間です。初めて訪れる場所です。

Buddy B81608f302154f7093fa9525c8ec0149Gifu-yamato-service-area_20240102204301

As mentioned in the last post, I had an surgery on my head, which caused me to have a swollen cheek and eye on one side, and also I felt tired a lot sooner, so I needed to take a break or a nap on the way here and there. 

It was about 10 PM just after entering Toyama, 140km left for the destination Wajima, rethinking about the time and distance for going back as well, I changed my goal to Shirakawa go in Gifu, which is renowned for its traditional farm houses with unique triangular roofs, and which I had passed, so when the year turned, I was in Shirakawa go seeing people walking to a nearby local shrine; a Japanese traditon. 

Then I hit the road back and arrived home and went to bed before the sinrise.



NavigationNavigation_20240102211301NantotoyamaShirakawa-go-2Hirugano-kogen-service-areagifu Hrugano-kogen 

Then the next day, after 16 hours from when I decided to change my plan, the very place Wajima was hit by the major earthquake and some of the roads that I had been driving on were closed due to landslids and so forth. 

If I had made it to Wajima as initially planned, it was likely for me to visit different places and then was involved by the calamity, or even on the way back. 

Having seen all those who and areas that have been badly and gravely affected by the earthquake, I don't know what to say and think, but for the fact that I was able to got home safely on the day before, I thank God ,and I pray for them to recover and get back to normal as soon as possible.


[黒い箇所が翌日の高速道路の通行止め:showing in black are the roads closed the next day]

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1/2の羽田空港の管制塔音声 ATC Haneda airport


The recording of the ATC(air traffic cotrol) of the Haneda Airport in Tokyo.



You can refer to the transcription of the interactions in the comment section as well. At 17:38 from another aircraft "We have a fire on Runway 34R".

Too tragic to have to have these in particular during this New Year period, when typically the largest number of people move across Japan. Prayers for those who have and also are being affected.


Here is the website from which the recording was taken, with ATC data around the globe. The ICAO code for Narita is RJTT but I could not figure which was the one I wanted.

[Llve ATC]

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My 2023

My 2023 was as fruitful as ever, but first of all, let me direct my prayers to those affected by the tragic earthquake in Ishikawa. I will pick it up in the next post.  



I had to spend my Christmas Eve at my university to attend the very last class for a teaching licence of Information, which I had find and keenly felt too arduous for me to get over honestly, but thankfully I was able to make it.


<at university on Christmas Eve>


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京都散歩 (貴船・宝ヶ池) Stroll in Kyoto (Kibune,Takaragaike)

I did make the most of my remaining time in Kyoto today, not as a resident but as a tourist now. Setting off to north of Kyoto city, my first goal was the northern parts of the bank of Kamo river with rich nature and spacious and extensive lawns that I used to like a lot, which feels totally different from the hurly-burly and congested central places of Kyoto below Sanjo towards south from there; especially from Demachiyanagi and northwards.

Anyways just take a look and see what I mean!👀 Btw the Keihan line that I took today and had always taken while living in Kyoto is indeed cheap, convenient ,and never stops operation unlike JR.🚌

自然豊かな場所が京都市の北部にあります。今日は残りの京都での時間をそれらを訪れることに使うことにしました!京都市の三条から以南は狭い地域に密集等の喧噪ですが、出町柳から以北や、鴨川が分岐している左側の川(賀茂川)の上流の護岸は芝生豊かで広々している別世界が広がっています。😃  ところで京都にいる間はずっと乗っていた京阪電鉄ですが、JRと違い、安い・便利・止まらない(運休等)で非常に良いです!🚌

【賀茂川の護岸・芝生; 出町柳以北 River bank of Kamo river; north of Demachiyanagi】

Then, next from there is the Eizan line, which I had rarely taken, heading towards farther north of Kyoto Kibune; the very special place within me! It's been my treasure ever since I visited there in summer about 15 years ago(?) by moped.

The environment there is beyond words, a river with pristine water, thick forests yet well maintained and kept clean, fancy shops and restaurants including those that offer *Kawadoko (a place to eat at the river), popular with tourists.👟 Waking up more than 2km was so much more tiring than I had expected that I thought of giving up before I finally reached the shop where I got some souvenir this time. Cold but I sweat. :(


次に思い立ってそこから叡山電車に乗り貴船へ!15年位前(?)に夏に50ccで訪れてから、自分の中で宝物になっている場所です。澄んだ川、深い森や自然、川床等の風情のある店、観光地・・。🐶  舗装路ですが山道を2km以上歩いたのは大変でした。何とか店が見え、そこでお土産を買って終了。😃
【貴船 Kibune】
Img_4208 Img_4210
Img_4211 Img_4213
Img_4219 Img_4220

On the train to Kibune, I happened to know there was a Takaragaike station along the way (I had known another one on the subway); which is another treasure place of mine, so I got off there then walked to the park. I got lost the way and wasted some time, but somehow managed to get there.

Takaragaike is a park with a lot of nature and a big artificial pond in the centre. It is one of the most relaxing places in the midst nature or even the best place in that sense as far as I know. I have a lot of memories here as well.✨

The tranquility and the comfortable and calm atomosphere there do get my mind "reset" and draw me closer to what dwells deep within what was created. I was so happy to be able to visit the place again this time! ⤴ I got spiritually rejuvenated. You may wish to refer to this article on Takaragaike park. Ah just one thing to remember, no paper is provided nor sold at the public toilets there.😖

[Japan experience]

貴船への電車の中で、宝ヶ池駅が叡山電鉄にもあることを知り(地下鉄の駅は知っていましたが)、帰りに寄ることにしました。道に迷ったりしながらひたすら歩き、残り時間も気にしながらなんとか到着! 京都を離れても、宝ヶ池は最も自然豊かで静かで落ち着く場所だと思っている、本当に特別な場所です。色々な思い出もあります。🐱 

公園も広く、肝心の池を見る前にタイムアップかと思っていましたが、感動の池との再会! 人工の池だそうですが、動物も多く、本当に自然豊かな場所です。ただ、トイレにトイレットペーパーの設置がなく売ってもいないので、そちらは本当に要注意です。😖


【宝ヶ池 Takaragaike park, pond】
Img_4237 Img_4248
Img_4243 Img_4252

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My 2022

Hallo every one!  Hope you find this year-end safe and sound and had a fruitful and worth year of 2022!😃⤴
We had unusual amount of snow the other day in Gifu and my car with winter tyres on failed to ascend an icy steep slope. Plus, it was deceded that a soccer match for the soccer club that I am in charge of was going to be played as scheduled, so I was nervous behind the wheel of the bus that I drove though, thankfully, the roads were already melt as we set off.

岐阜で2年目の冬でした! 冬タイヤを着けていても坂道で登れず、これほどの雪は珍しいそうですが、大変な1日でした! しかもその日、顧問をするサッカー部の試合は予定通りあり、雪かき後の雪のグラウンドでのキックオフでした。中型バスの運転でしたが、出発する頃には道も解けていて良かったです。🚌
Kimg1738 Kimg1740

Coming back in Kansai for the New Year now, I do feel it is much milder than Gifu though I used to feel it freezing while living here. It is so icy in Gifu that all your mustles get stiff and you'd have to find it even life threatening.. 🐱 


Also, I suddenly made up my mind to hit the road at night, going up north 100 km to Kiso country in Nagano. The roads were so smooth and I was within an inch of losing my consciousness.., but managed to reach where I made the destination. There was little snow in Gifu, but Nagano there had a lot more. This sort of thing cannot be carried out without consecutive days off which allow me free of worries about the next working day, so it was such a precious experience and indeed worth it.🚗


【宮ノ越駅 Miyanokoshi station
   (夜中2時頃 at around 2a.m.)

<My achievements/challenges in 2022>
・教員免許:公民・地理歴史・社会2種 (念願!)
・大型2種運転免許 (悲願!)
・TOEIC IIBC表彰 (LR950,SW360: 3度目)
・JFA 4級審判員

May your 2023 be Rich and Bright, and led safely!🎀

Img_37201 Img_35651 

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TOEIC LR 990への勉強法 Tips for TOEIC

Howdy! The New Year holiday is coming to an end soon. ><
This is for advanced TOEIC LR takers. (^ ^)/

特に990点(辺り)を目指す、TOEIC LRテストのmy勉強法ですが、全レベルに共通の内容も書きます。よろしければご参考に!☀ 下の方にリスニングについて書いています。

【Time management リーディングの時間配分】
Part5  30問  min
Part6  16問  min 
Part7  54問  60

【教材 Books】
①『TOEIC L & R TEST 出る単特急 金のフレーズ (著:Tex加藤)』

②『TOEIC L&Rテスト990点攻略 改訂版: 新形式問題対応 (著:濱崎 潤之輔/旺文社)』
この本の旧版から使っていましたが、旧版が出た当初、990点を目指す人用の有益な本はほとんどありませんでした。初級・中級レベルの本が多いのは、単純に需要があり売れるからでしょうね。この本はレベルが高く大変ですが、中のコラム(「990点を取らなくてもいいのにわざわざ目指すあなたは~」 等)を含め、結果につながると共に、990点を目指す少数派にとって大事なモチベーションアップや維持にも寄与してくれます。新・旧TOEICで990点を取れた時はこの本をやった後でした。上を目指す人へお勧めします。仕事のある人は時間にも限りがあるかと思うので、やりたいところだけその都度やれば良いと思います。

③『公式TOEIC Listening & Reading 問題集』


④『TOEIC(R) L&Rテスト 直前の技術 (著:ロバートヒルキ/アルク)

この本は全レベルの人にお勧めできます。特にTOEIC LRをあまり受けたことの無い人には特にいいかもしれません。それぞれのパート別の取り組み方やテクニック等が書かれていてとても役に立ちます。この本で学んだことを今も実践しています。例えば、「リスニングの時はマークシートのAの位置にペンを置いておき、聞きながら右へスライドしていく」等です。

【Tips for the Listening parts


例: Some plates have been displayed on the shelves. 「皿は棚に置かれている」

Part2:主語(誰が)・目的語(誰に)・時制(いつ) (できれば+動作・内容)に集中して聞くことが重要ですが、特に主語と時制を聞き逃すと全く分からなくなることもあります。最近ではストレートな返答よりも”変化球”が多くなってきているので、普段から色々な表現に慣れておくことが大事かと思います。

Part3・4: やり方は同じで自分は以下の通りです。


「What did the man say?」「何 男 言う」


Overall 全体



TOEIC LRは0.1秒の積み重ねの時間のテストです。マークシートシャーペンを使うと共に、本番では以下に留意が必要です。どれが最も時間をロスせずにテストに臨めるかどうかが肝心です。(  )は自分の場合です。

 ・マークシートを置く位置 (右か左か、問題冊子との場所の関係、塗る位置によって左右に移動させることもあります)
 ・腕時計を置く位置 (正面)


 → 周囲で飲んだりボトルを倒す等の音が出る可能性がある。

最後に、上に書いた道具を載せておきます。頑張りましょう! (^ ^)/

[ぺんてる マークシートシャープペン B 1.3mm]
[Campus シャープペン替え芯 B 1.3mm]

Pen Lead

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JOYSOUND Karaoke ranking ジョイサウンド カラオケランキング

*(Click to enlarge  クリックすると大きくなります) 
Hallo again!  I have been joining a JOYSOUND Karaoke national competition (for several years?) ,and am usually ranked somewhere around the top 2%, which is , say, 1400 people of 70000 a month. The rankng is monthly. Once I was in the top 1000. Actually there are many reasons or things concerned the points of each and the total. The average point of and how many join the song does count a lot. Your data is stored for a while on the JOYSOUND's website and you can refer to it any time, but to my shock, it's been announced that this service is to be discontinued in Nov.2022, shifting to its app after that.

ダメ元で挑戦してみよう、から始めたジョイサウンドの全国ランキングもまもなく数年になりますが、大体いつも全体の上位2%位にいれています👀 例えば月に70000人参加なら1400人以内でランキングは月間です。実は得点や1位獲得数には色々なことが関わっています。その曲の平均点や参加人数も大事です。自分へのチャレンジと向上のために参加していますが、JoySound(Utasuki)サイトで以下のように確認することができます。ショックなことに、このサイトでのデータ格納&表示サービスが2022年11月で終了との事。その後はスマホでのアプリになるそうです・・。(> <)

【JOUSOUND  Utasuki うたすきサイト】

The below is an example how it is shown, and you can also log in to make use of this service on the remote device called Denmoku placed in the Joysound Karaoke room. 


My target is to be the 1st in the prefecture I am in ,and top 10 nationally for the song with more than at least 100 participants.


These are some of my best records. Giving a try no only to myself but those in Japan is never easy but truly a rewardging task to me. 

・さくらんぼ Sakuranbo / 大塚 藍  Ai Otsuka / 96.701点 points
・虹 Niji / アクアタイムズ Aqua Timez / 96.722 
・サラバ、愛しき悲しみたちよ Saraba- / ももクロ Momokuro / 96.945
・Love You Only / TOKIO / 97.526
・出逢った頃のように Deattakoro- / Every Little Thing / 97.382
・負けないで Makenaide / ZARD / 97.190
・夏の日の1993 Natsunohino- / class / 97.113

Recently I began singing Roki or those of P maru sama and so on. I will channel all my might into work, studies and other hereafter as well !

仕事・学業・その他に全て全力で頑張っていきます!(^ ^)/

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TOEFL iBT ホームエディション/自宅受験 Home Edition

A Happy New Year 2022!! May you be safely led! ^ ^
謹賀新年!! 良い一年をお過ごしください! 


This article is for Japanese TOEFL takers but if you are curious please let me know.

2021年3月にTOEFL iBT Home Editionを初めて受けました(↑がその時の図)。時間は夜8時から、終わったのは深夜1時か2時。6畳一間だったので、音や場所など色々と大変でした。25000円位の高い受験料。正直事前の勉強も大変で、当日、諦めようかと本気で思うくらいの心理的戦いがありました。結果は奇跡が起きて104点を取れました! 本当に感謝です。今は少しマシですが、Home Editionは受験当時本当に情報が少なく、頼りにしたサイトや使ったものなどを紹介します。Home Editionは初めはコロナ禍の期間限定措置とのことでしたが、現在も受け付けているようです(以下 ETSサイト参照)。

<ETS TOEFL Home Edition (日本語)>
【教材 Textbooks】
①Z会『TOEFL iBT® TEST 入門完全パッケージ』
当時、日本語の参考書で新形式のTOEFL iBTに対応した本はほとんどなく、これをしました。4つのテスト全てに対応していますが、とても難しかったです。

②『TOEFL テスト英単語3800』

③『ETS 公式TOEFL ガイド、問題集』

【ホームエディションに必要なもの Things needed for Home Edition】
TOEFL Homeの受験に役に立った以下の動画・サイトを紹介します。

TOEFL iBT テスト対策 チャンネル」
Home edition受験の際にはこれらを準備する必要があります。受ける人は必ず見て下さい。

・バタフライボード 0.5mm極細ホワイトボードペンシル4本セット(黒)
・nu board (ヌーボード) A4判 
・プラス ホワイトボード イレーザー 替スポンジ付き 
をアマゾンで買いました。後、メモの取り方は事前に練習が必要ですね。nu boardは事前に切り離しておく必要がありますが、結構大変です。A4のボードの向き(縦か横)についても予め決めておく方が良いです。この辺りは実践された以下の動画が非常に参考になりました。このチャンネルの他のTOEFL関連の動画もquite beneficial and informativeなのでお勧めします。



最後に、TOEFL Home Editionのスコアが、会場版と同じと認められるところとそうでないところがある点も知っておく方向が良いです。コロナも収まり会場で受けられるなら、スコアの有効性から自分は会場版をお勧めします。

このように、自宅受験/Home editionは本当に事前の情報が少なく、上記の動画や、「名門~」の動画のコメントで何度も質問をしたりして、事前準備が大変でした。でも貴重な経験でした。これから受けようとされる方も同じ道を通るかと思います。何か役に立てることがあればいつでもコメント等でご連絡ください。 All The Best !! (^▽^)b

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My 2021 ! (・3・)

Hallo All !!  Hope you have been all well!!  I can barely post once a year as ever now.. ><  Sorry and a lot to share with you !


Img_8321  Img_8308

This is from the past 7 days ! (^ ^) It snowed a lot , ah btw I have moved from Okayama now, I will let you know later, and  I got this brilliant whole cake from my work at Christmas ! 🎄

この1週間ですが、とても雪が降りました+職場からこんな素晴らしいものをクリスマスにいただきました! ありがとうございます! ^ ^


Also this week this one was added as my vehicle, a bit old yet a MANUAL one, which is the reason why I purchased (most cars in Japan are not manual) because I have felt I need to practice driving a manual car in preparation for my plan for the near future of getting a bus driver's licence. 🚌 Living in a montain in Gifu now, each day will be challeneging in terms of driving on upslopes, but I will try my best !

今週、このcarが加わりました! 新しくはない車ですが、ミッション車で、やがての計画で持っている大型二腫免許に備える為にも、普段からマニュアルに乗る必要性をずっと感じていました。岐阜の山の上に住んでいるので、毎日が運転のチャレンジですが、頑張りたいです!

This is what I got / completed this yeat, thankfully !

I am to obtain teacher's licence for Civics, Geography and History and Social studies this year, then am taking a course for informaton at uni. 

・普通二腫運転免許  a Class II driver license
・TOEFL iBT 104点 
・TOEIC SW 370点
・Microsoft Innovative Educator マイクロソフト認定教員(初級)
・大学社会科44単位  44 credits of social studies at uni
・特別支援2種教員免許 Teacher's licence for Schools for Special Needs Education 
・書道教員免許  Calligraphy teacher's licence 
・JFA D級コーチ資格  JFA Class D coach (soccer) 
・低圧電気取扱い特別教育修了 Training for a low electric voltage handler 
・玉掛け技能講習修了 Training for slinging operation

【玉掛け Training for slinging operation】
Img_6907 Img_6905_20211230193701
It was a three-day fulltime course. This national certificate is needed to put something with wires on a crane hook.


As for studies for the exam, math and physics were involved, which I'm hopeless at. All the students eventually got a pass after the practical test, apparently anybody could pass at the school I went to, however what I feel the most important was how safely you could practice it at a construction site as it entails a lot of resposibility. This certificate had been my longtime dream.  

Btw this is why I need a minivan, I move with too much stuff like this. Some long or big ones cannot shipped because of the shipping company's regulations on the size and weight of goods to be sent. Those that cannot be fitted in it are delivered, but still there are always so many boxes.  This time, located on top of the mountain, I've got a bigger house! + The rent is almost the same as that of what I used to live in an urban area. Thankul ! ^ ^

Img_5593 Img_5589 Img_5604

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Happy New Year 2021!! ^ ^

145b419e8b3b4b729605cde2c29a96a9 899e504dc91442c282e8c40ddceb0ab2

Happy New Year !! (^ ^)/
We have such unusual massive snow this year in some parts of Japan ⛄
Anyways, I do wish you a very happiness-filled 2021 !!
Some photos from this winter !

良き2021を! この冬の写真をいくつか 📷

【岡山駅 Okayama Station】

68b8d48b17274ee3acc2179a90668cf6 74c7963c913143d0862969b86fedf369

【東京 Tokyo】

Aee36b6c538743708a3e40520bf96f4b 1eefcd45904c4c1ebc837ee4d73f774c

I will be moving to Gifu so will be busy soon with this and that on top of my current vocational school and studeis for uni.

I am also considering taking TOEFL at home for the first time.. though the fee is as high as $235.. X(
Upon completion of my studeis for uni which will last another 2 years or so, I am hoping to get back to my Master's course at a a uni in the US.  Take care!! :D 

235ドルと言う超高額なTOEFL iBTですが、自宅で受けられるので、今後のために初めて受けようかと思っています。👀


色々とやる事には充実していますが、今の電気の専門校に加え、社会科の大学のレポートやその他の勉強や用事を引き続き頑張りたいと思います! 恐らく後2年は大学で社会科の教職課程で、その後は、出来ればアメリカの院を再開したいと願っています。(・u・)

【目標 Targets so far】
・Jan: 2種 普通運転免許  Class 2 driver licence
・Jan: JFA D級指導者資格 JFA D Licence (for a football instructor)
・大学の来年度以降のレポート x27 (あと15)  15 more papers for uni 

良い1年を!! ^ ^

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My recent routine 最近の日々 (・u・)

D-school-20201208 D6df481d98424a51aae5f2dbb38877a7

Hey, this is my recent routine!☀

7:30 wake up, shower  起床
8:30 leave home, drive to school 専門校へ出発
9:20-16:00 attend classes at a vocational school 授業 
16:00-18:00 supermarket, get home, dinner 帰宅、食事等
18:00 leave home for a driving school 教習所へ出発
18:30-20:30 attend classes /drive at a driving school 教習
21:00- chill at home 帰宅してだらだら

There are several kinds of driving licences in Japan, most of us go to a driving school for them, each actually costs 2 to 3 thousand bucks.. I made a loan.

I have been enrolled again for a higher driving licence required for a professional driver, just to improve my driving skills now. Tiring but worthwhile. I have studies from uni as well. A lot to address !

*currently under an insurance that secures my monthly income.

これまでの大学に加え、この秋からは電気の専門校と2種免許のための教習所の日々です 💡
ちなみに毎月のincomeはちゃんとあります。(^ ^)

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Long Time ! おひさしぶりです! ^ ^

Hello ! I have been here and there recently having addressed this and that :D 

お久しぶりですー (^ ^)  元気にしています!

Hope you are well ☀

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This is Hiruzen plateau in Okayama that I visited though autumn leaves that I had expected were not really in full.  It was such a fun drive and experience indeed, worthwhile! 

岡山市内よりだいぶ気温が低いんですね ⛄

I learnt I got 975 on TOEIC L&R today on line :)  
Well done!!  :D  I try to take it at least every year.

1年に一回はTOEIC LRを受けるようにしています。
毎回準備と勉強が大変です。今回は初のマスクで、まさかのリスニング中にマスクで集中できず少しもうろうとなるアクシデント・・👀 良い経験でした。こけたと思ったリスニングでまさかの満点。逆に手ごたえのあったReadingは満点ならずでしたが975点!毎年の目標の950以上達成で満足です☀ 感謝☆

I am to take TOEFL iBT for the first time at home next Mar, whose fee is about 200 bucks..
Slash it ! Too high , who could afford it !!

3月にはいつまでも未経験と言うのも何となく嫌なので、受験料2万円と言う超高額なTOEFL iBTを自宅で初受験予定。またまた勉強が大変です ><

ちなみに相変わらずどこでも歌ってます!(^ ^)   
職場で、歌ってみた:  Yoasobi / ヨアソビの『夜にかける』(音小さいです)
Me, singing anywhere I am as always :3 This is at work.

Btw how were your New Year's resolutions for this year? Many of mine have been realized thankfully! You can climb as long as there is a tree. I've got and am getting four teaching certificates. Keep rocking hereafter as well ! 

今年一年、皆さんの夢や目標はどうでした / ですか? 有難いことに、自分の目標はたくさん手が届いてきました。教員免許4つ(中学校の英語と国語、特別支援、書道)や、今の2種の教習所もそうだし、1月にはJFAのサッカーのコーチの講習会に参加します。どれも目標リストに書いていたもの。一つひとつ、ベストなtimingに実現していてうれしいです。↗

Catch you later ! ⛄ 

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正月の京都 Kyoto New Year 2020 (・u・)

Here I am ! ↗  ^ ^
Let me show you pics from my stay back in Fushimi, Kyoto during the new year!


Bussed it from Okayam to Kyoro; three and a half hours.


Kyoto station; been a while :D

Tsujiri matcha restaurant in the sta. Actally I used to make this in a factory before.
470yen, expensive.

Sosui river 疎水

Took the Keihan line. 久々の京阪に乗る。

Otesuji shopping mall 大手筋商店街

Kyoto is a good place to visit, but not to live in.. 
Come around! ^ ^

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Happy 2020! Reiwa Year 2 ! ^ ^


↑At a school festa of the high school I work for.

It's been quite a while as always..  though I have wished to get it done long.
Here this blog has also changed and those emojis that I used to use cannot be chosen any more.

My past two years:
Mar.2018 - Apr.2019 in Nago city, Okinawa.
Apr. 2019 - till today. Transferred back to Okayama. :)


I've been all fine , now in change of a learning centre on top of a teacher. Got a high school Japanese teaching certificate in Nov. this year as well, and am aiming at a junior high English teacher's. Got 990 on the TOEIC LR test again, thankfully☀


These above are of the hotel I stayed in during the staff training that we had this year in Okinawa.

It's pretty cold in the mainland here ><  Can't stand it.

I came back to Kyoto by bus today. Kyoto is a such a good place to visit as a visitor. :3

May the year 2020 be richly blest and safely led as ever.
God Bless you all! See you ! ^ ^ /

二年ぶりの更新です・・⛄ ココログ絵文字が白黒で種類も少なく変わっています・・。



2018年度から、通信制高校で勤務しています。昨年度は本校のある沖縄県名護市にいました。2018年3月に岡山から鹿児島まで軽自動車で行き(700km位)、そこからフェリー🚢 で1日かけて沖縄・本部(もとぶ)へ。一年間、仲間と楽しく過ごしました。


まさか再び岡山で生活することになるとは。This is Life! 以下、得たものです。

・TOEIC LRテスト 990点


ではまた!↗ (・▽・)

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Brilliant year of 2018 !! (>v<)/

Helloooo  Folks!!   Hope you've been well ever since!!  Me, having been swamped with everyday work literally.., working 18 hours a day is no unusual now as a high school teacher, for my second year.

明けました! お久しぶりです! 2017年はどうでしたか?こちらは相変わらず元気です! 【高校教師+大学(国語免許)+アメリカの大学院+その他試験】頑張ってます。

How did you find your 2017?   As for me, apart from work, I managed to complete the first half of my university course for a Japanese teacher, and also obtained 3 credits out of 36 at my graduate school in the US, the latter took me as long as two and a half years.

Played in the band and also solo like last year at the school festival at our school in autumn. I did my best to make my life full and fun! :3  Unfortunately my work does take me too much time and consequently I'm always sleeping or taking a rest at home on my precious days off 4 to 6 days in a month, I have not been able to make friends in the new place since I moved in. Btw a New Thing will be starting soon for my life!

As you can see, I can only manage to keep this blog alive by updating once a year now..  Sorry about that !  I shall have more time from April, so wait and see.

去年の秋の文化祭も教員バンドやソロで歌いました  今はまったく時間がないですが、4月以降はもう少し時間が出来るかな。

Have a beautful year you guys!  See you soon!

<高校での文化祭: 1500人の生徒と共に>

【My test schedule】
Jan.: TOEIC LR (Okayama)
Feb.: TOEFL Jr. Standard (Osaka)
Mar.: TOEIC SW (Hyogo)

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